About the Site

Beginner's Luck started as a profolio website to demonstrate my front-end skills. Later I realized this could be a good place to share my ideas and explorations, in my own unique way. So far, this blog talks about programming and design, but might pick up a new topic at any point.

Beginner's Luck is all about learning something interesting with a biginner's mind. But instead of introducing "how to use X", this blog would more likely try to find out "why is X designed this way" or "how to implement X". We might also re-invent the wheel to get to know an idea better, for no other benefit. Why? Because this is what a curious beginner would do!

About Me

My name is Ian Chen (陳奕安). I'm a software engineer at Verizon Media on security engineering team. Besides backend stuffs I'm working on professionally, I'm also interested in web technologies, data visualization, and UI/UX design.

My always-up-to-date profile can be found on LinkedIn.

  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • me [at] ianchen [dot] dev
  • IanChen83